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Half Term

27-10-2014 at 8.40am

Christmas Holiday

22-12-2014 at 8.40am

Half Term

16-02-2015 at 8.40am

Welcome to Oakdene Primary School

A Warm Welcome From Our Headteacher

At Oakdene Primary School, we begin caring for your child as soon as your family walks through the door. We believe that each step of your child’s education is as important as the one before. With this in mind, we continue to provide inspiring and memorable learning experiences throughout their learning journey.

We recognise that children learn in different ways, that they learn best when their emotions are engaged and that learning should be fun, creative and relevant. Our outstanding curriculum provides a wealth of stimulating learning opportunities that are underpinned by key basic skills – truly a winning formula and a clear pathway to future success.

So what can you expect when you visit our school?

Imagine a stimulating place ringing with the sound of children’s laughter.

See confident, reflective and playful learners, filled with their own sense of purpose and self-belief.

Listen in, as they discuss the challenge of new experiences, pose questions and solve problems.

Admire the high levels of academic, sporting and artistic achievement, as everyone strives to be the best they can be.

Marvel at the use of technology as children explore the possibilities.

See how learning extends beyond the school gates, to embrace the outdoors and wider community.

Enjoy the security and the harmony of a group of people who nurture and care for each other.

Sense their respect for people from different backgrounds and cultures, for society and the natural world.

Sense everyone’s pride in themselves, each other and their school.

This is our school – a place where we ‘capture the imagination of young minds’.

A place where everyone shines with possibility.

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